December 31, 2016


National Sewing Machine Co. (1903-1906)

Belvidere, Illinois

This is an Eldredge runabout nameplate (c1904)    mjs
Size: 72mm wide 41mm high

The National Sewing Machine Company began building bicycles from 1894. Automobiles followed in 1903 and were called Eldredge, after the company president. The Eldredge was an 8 hp two-cylinder runabout initially with tiller steering but left-hand wheel steering followed in 1905.

Automobile manufacture was discontinued in 1906 after production of about 300 Eldredge cars.


The Eldredge did not have a radiator and did not carry an emblem but did carry an Eldredge nameplate attached to the body. Actual dates of use are uncertain but it is believed that the very rare cast brass Eldredge runabout nameplate shown above was the first to be used and the painted brass nameplate shown below appeared a year or two later. These later painted Eldredge nameplates are rare.

This is an Eldredge nameplate (c1905-1906)   mjs
Size: 80mm wide 38mm high

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