December 31, 2016


Charles H. Black (1893-1896)

C.H. Black Manufacturing Co. (1896-1899)

Indianapolis Automobile and Vehicle Co. (1899-1900)

Indianapolis, Indiana

This Black "emblem" is painted on the dash board (c1894)   acdm 

Charles H. Black had a successful wagon works and blacksmith business in Indianapolis and built a two-seater, single-cylinder gasoline powered car in 1893 or possibly 1894. This vehicle and another similar vehicle still exist. There is some evidence to suggest that C.H. Black may have successfully demonstrated a motor vehicle before 1893 and possibly as early as 1891. He is known to have built several experimental vehicles in the period up to 1896.

In 1896, C.H. Black secured financing and established the C.H. Black Manufacturing Company to build and sell an improved version of his earlier motor car. It is not known how many Black cars were actually produced in the period to 1900 when C.H. Black sold his company.


The early, c1894 Black motor car shown above has the word "Black" painted on the front of the dash board. It is believed that this "emblem" is original but this is not certain.


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