January 11, 2017


C.A. Coey & Co. (1900-1902)

Coey-Mitchell Automobile Co. (1913-1916)

Coey Motor Co. (1914-1915)

Wonder Motor Truck Co. (1916-1917)

Chicago, Illinois

This is a Coey Flyer radiator emblem (1913-1916)    ms
Size: 63 mm diameter    MM: Unknown

Charles A. Coey built a number of electric runabouts and a small number of gasoline powered vehicles from 1900 to 1902. He then spent some years operating a motor car rental company in Chicago but returned to automobile manufacturing in 1912.

The Coey Flyer was offered for the 1913 model year as a 24 hp four-cylinder and a 60 hp six-cylinder touring. A smaller 18 hp four-cylinder Model A roadster was also offered in 1913. The 12 hp four-cylinder Coey Bear and the 9 hp two-cylinder Coey Junior cyclecars were added to the line in 1914 but were withdrawn by the end of 1915.  

The Coey business was absorbed by the Wonder Motor Truck Company in 1916 and the Coey Bear was adapted to become a 16 hp Coey Flyer but it was all over for the Coey in 1917.


The Coey Flyer radiator emblem shown above is extremely rare.

A 1914 Coey Bear cyclecar without an emblem but carrying a brass Coey script attached to the radiator core is known to exist. Details of emblems used by other Coey models are unknown. If you have details of any emblems used on other Coey models, please let me know in order to update this post.

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