December 17, 2016


Noma Motors Corp. (1919-1923)

New York, New York

This is a rare Noma radiator emblem (1919-1923)     mjs
Size: 89mm wide 39mm high  MM: None

The Noma was introduced at the New York Automobile Show in January 1919 and was the only new marque on display. The Noma was an assembled 55hp six-cylinder automobile, distinguished by its handsome, low-slung coachwork and distinctive radiator. The body was an aluminium skin over a laminated wooden frame. The Noma was initially offered in speedster and foursome body styles.

Over 600 cars were built before Noma production ceased in 1923.


The following original photo from 1920 shows a Noma car with a radiator emblem:

Noma car (1920)   forums aaca

Close up showing Noma radiator emblem (1920)

This is the black and white enamel Noma radiator emblem shown above at the top of this post. This Noma radiator emblem is rare.

The Smithsonian emblem collection includes a Noma radiator emblem with the colors reversed, see photo below. This emblem may have been restored in the wrong colors but I cannot confirm this. If this reverse color Noma radiator emblem is indeed original, it would be extremely rare.

This Noma emblem appears to have been restored in the wrong colors  sac

There is a nickel plated Noma script, see example shown below, but I cannot confirm that this script was mounted on the radiator of a Noma car.

Noma script    khc
Size: 138mm wide 130mm high

The following Noma emblems are hub centers used on different Noma models.

This is a painted Noma hub center (dates unknown)    mjs
Size: 70mm diameter

This is Noma hub center for a wire wheel model (dates unknown)    mjs
Size: 70mm diameter

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