December 17, 2016


Northway Motors Corp. (1918-1923)

Natick, Massachusetts

This is a very rare Northway radiator emblem (1921-1922)    mjs
Size: 107mm wide   MM: None

Ralph E Northway set up Northway Motors Corporation in 1918 to manufacture cars and trucks. Truck production began immediately with 2-ton and 3-1/2-ton capacity models powered by four-cylinder engines made by Northway. An unusual feature at the time was a fully-enclosed and heated driver's cab.

Northway car production began in 1921. A J Romer assisted in the design of the Northway car, which was a 61 hp six-cylinder automobile with a Rolls-Royce-type radiator offered in touring, sport, coupe and sedan limousine body styles. A small number of Northway cars were sold until production ceased in early 1922, because of cash shortages. Unfinished trucks were completed by 1923. Ralph Northway left in 1922 to build Maxim fire engines and A J Romer had left by 1921 to build a car under his own name (see Romer).


The Northway radiator emblem shown above at the top of this post is very rare.

The Northway emblem shown below is a hub emblem and is also very rare.

This is a Northway hub emblem (1921-1922)    dkc
Size: 62mm diameter   MM: Unknown

The following Northway emblem is a reproduction radiator emblem:

This is a reproduction Northway radiator emblem     ms

I do not know, if there was an original Northway radiator will a design similar to the reproduction emblem shown above. If you have deatails of a Northway emblem with this design, please let me know, in order to update this post.

The following Northway plate is believed to be from a Northway truck:

This is a Northway nameplate (c1918)    mjs

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