December 17, 2016


Diana Motors Co. (1925-1928)

St. Louis, Missouri

This is a Diana radiator emblem (1925-1928)      mjs
Size: 69mm high 50mm wide     MM: Unknown (some D L Auld)

Diana was the goddess of the moon in ancient Roman mythology. This was the reason why Moon Motor Car Company chose Diana as the name of their new car. The Diana was a handsome automobile with a Minerva style radiator and a 72 hp straight-eight engine. The Diana was offered in several body styles, including a fancy "Palm Beach Special" sports roadster.

The Diana was well received on its arrival in June 1925 but sales did not reach projected levels and problems within the Moon organization led to the Diana being discontinued by early 1928.


The Diana radiator emblem is generally considered to be one of the most beautiful of all American auto emblems and is much desired by emblem collectors.

An article in the Motor Age magazine introducing the Diana in June 1925, see below, includes a photo of the Diana radiator emblem showing a blank ribbon at the bottom of the emblem:

Diana introductory article showing radiator emblem (June 1925) ma

Diana radiator emblem close-up (June 1925)   ma

This is the first Diana radiator emblem, see similar example shown below with the blank ribbon, presumably issued for use before the final version of the emblem was ready. This Diana radiator emblem is rare.

Diana radiator emblem with a blank ribbon (1925) sam
Size: 69mm high 50mm wide    MM:

The final version of the Diana radiator emblem has "MFD By MOON MOTORS" inscribed in the ribbon, see example shown above at the top of this post. This Diana radiator emblem has a solid nickel Diana bust on a black background and has the border finished in gold. This Diana radiator emblem is also rare.

The following Diana radiator emblem appears to have a nickel plated border, which is unusual, as most Diana emblems have borders finished in gold. This emblem may have been incorrectly restored or may have been used on the sports models.

This is a Diana radiator emblem (1925-1928)  sam
Size: 69mm high 50mm wide   MM: Unknown

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