December 24, 2016


Casco Motors Inc. (1922-c1927)

Sanford Automotive Corp. (c1927-1930)

Sanford, Maine

This is a Model A Casco Speed Truck radiator emblem (1922-c1924)    alt
Size: 64 mm wide    MM: Unknown

The first Model A Casco built by Casco Motors Inc. appeared in 1922 and was a 1-ton speed truck powered by a four-cylinder engine and was offered with different bodies and a power hoist. 

By 1927 the company had been reorganized as the Sanford Automotive Corporation and was offering truck models in sizes ranging from 1-ton to 4-tons capacity. Six-cylinder models were introduced in 1928 and by 1929 the Model A had been increased in size to 1-1/2-tons.

The Casco suffered in the Depression and was finished by the end of 1930. Total lifetime production of the Casco was about 300 trucks.


The Model A Casco speed truck radiator emblem shown above is very rare.

If you have details of other Casco truck emblems, please let me know in order to update this post.

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