December 24, 2016


Diamond Taxicab Co. (1922-c1925)

Detroit, Michigan

This is believed to be a Diamond taxicab radiator emblem (1922-c1925)   ms
Size: Unknown   MM: Unknown

The Diamond Taxicab company was promoted by a powerful group of auto business leaders, including the president of the Gray Motor Corporation, the head of Apex Motor Corporation and the operator of the Black & White Cab Company of New York. The company was announced early in 1922 and it was decided to build the Diamond at the Elkhart Motor Company plant in Elkhart, Indiana. The Elcar chief engineer, A.M.Griffis designed the Diamond taxicab. The initial production order was for 1000 Diamond units to be used in New York City.

There were plans to bring the Diamond taxicab to other cities on the East Coast. However, it is not clear whether these plans were realized or for how long the Diamond taxicab was in production. By January 1925, the Gray Motor Corporation was facing collapse and by then it is believed that the Diamond taxicab was also finished.


The Diamond radiator emblem shown above is very rare. It is believed to be from a Diamond taxicab but this is not confirmed. The only other, but less likely contenders are the Diamond Cyclecar of 1914 or the Diamond Light Car of 1915 both built by the Cycle Car Company of Wilmington, Delaware.

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