November 08, 2016


Apex Motor Car Co. (1920-1921)

Apex Motor Corp. (1921)
Ypsilanti, Michigan

This is an ACE radiator emblem (1920-1921)   mjs
Size: 57mm high 44mm wide  MM: Bastian Bros

The Apex Motor Car Company was formed by F. E. Earnest, who decided to build his own car when he was unable to secure new cars for his dealership, because of shortages of supply of new cars in 1920.

The new Ace was a six-cylinder automobile using a special disc-valve motor and was offered in touring and coupe body styles. The car was exhibited at the Michigan State Fair in September 1920 and at the Commodore Hotel in New York in January 1921. But there was a problem and in April 1921, Earnest's two chief engineers left to form their own company and the Apex Motor Car Company was taken over by H. T. Hanover. The Ace was now built using conventional engines and a four-cylinder model was also offered for 1922. But it was all over for the Ace by the end of 1922.

Total production of the Ace was just 256 cars.

The Emblems

The beautiful, arrow-head shaped, Ace radiator emblem shown above is very rare.

The Ace radiator emblem shown below is displayed at the Swigart Auto Museum and is also very rare.

This is another Ace radiator emblem (1920-1921)   sam
Size: 57mm high 44mm wide  MM: Unknown

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