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W. H. McIntyre Co. (1909-1915)
Auburn, Indiana 

This is a McIntyre radiator script (1909-c1913)    acdm

The McIntyre was the successor to the Kiblinger high-wheeler, which was sued for patent infringement (see  Kiblinger). The Kiblinger company was bought out by the factory manager, W. H. McIntyre, in 1909 and was reorganized as the W. H. McIntyre Company. The Kiblinger high-wheeler was slightly revised to avoid patent infringement and renamed the McIntyre. The McIntyre was also built in Canada through an agreement with the Tudhope company in Ontario.

The McIntyre was also a high-wheeler and was offered in two-cylinder and four-cylinder models, four different horsepower sizes and a range of nine different body styles. McIntyre also built high-wheeler trucks from 1909. In 1913 the truck line was greatly modernized in appearance and was expanded to include 3/4-ton, 1-1/2-ton, 3-ton and 5-ton models.

McIntyre also offered a line of conventional, four-cylinder passenger cars, with a six-cylinder model introduced in 1913. McIntyre also built the Imp cyclecar in 1913 and 1914. However, McIntyre was not taken seriously as a conventional car builder and passenger car sales fell each year after 1912. Following a series of unsuccessful models, McIntyre went into receivership in 1915.


The following McIntyre advertisement from 1910, which shows three McIntyre models with no emblem or radiator script, although a "McIntyre" trademark script logo is shown:

McIntyre ad showing trademark script logo (1910)  ebay

The McIntyre never did carry a radiator emblem but the "McIntyre" name was frequently displayed using brass scripts, which may initially  have been optional accessories. McIntyre scripts were mounted on the radiator where a radiator was used, or on the front of the dash or on the dash box on high-wheelers where there was no radiator, see surviving McIntyre examples shown below:

McIntyre Model 251 Autobuggy with dash script (1909)   acdm

Close-up showing the McIntyre script (1909) 

This script is similar to the following McIntyre script cut from brass plate. Original McIntyre scripts of this kind are rare.

This is a McIntyre script (1909-1915)    sam
Size: 250mm wide

McIntyre Model M touring car with radiator script (1909) acdm

The McIntyre radiator script on this Model M touring car is made of cast brass, see detail shown above at the top of this post and again below. Original McIntyre scripts of this kind are very rare.

This is a McIntyre radiator script (1909-c1913)   acdm

The following advertisement shows a script on the radiator of a McIntyre Model 14 truck:

McIntyre Model 14 truck ad showing rad script (1911)  ebay

Early McIntyre vehicles also displayed the "McIntyre" name on small maker's nameplates and serial plates attached to the body of the vehicle, commonly on the outside of the vehicle, see examples shown below. Original McIntyre nameplates and serial plates are rare.

This is a McIntyre maker's nameplate (1910)    bonhams

This is a McIntyre serial plate (1909)    mjs
Size: 76mm wide 31mm high

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