April 21, 2024


O. J. Childs Co. (1899-1922)

Foamite-Childs Corp. (1922-1926)

Utica, New York

This is a Childs radiator emblem (c1922)     mjs
Size: 55mm diameter    MM: Fox

In 1899, Orlando J. Childs organized the O. J. Childs Company for the manufacture of hand-held chemical fire extinguishers. The business grew to include the manufacture of larger chemical fire fighting equipment. By 1918 Childs was producing ready-made fire fighting truck bodies for rural fire-departments, as well as complete fire equipment, to go on any commercial truck chassis.

In 1922 Childs merged with Foamite to become the Foamite-Childs Corporation to provide complete fire apparatus. The company also made fire engines using chassis made by the Kearns Motor Car Company which were sold under the name Childs Thoroughbred. 

In 1926 Foamite-Childs was acquired by American-LaFrance Corporation. 


The Childs Fire Apparatus radiator emblem shown above is rare.

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