March 30, 2024


Riddle Manufacturing Co. (1916-1926)
Ravenna, Ohio

This is a Riddle radiator emblem (1916-1926)    mjs
Size: 82mm wide 44mm high     MM: Unknown

The Riddle Manufacturing Company claimed to have been building horse-drawn carriages and hearses since 1831. In 1912, Riddle began to design and build bodies for White-Riddle coaches on White chassis and, in 1913, for ambulances. Some Riddle advertisements suggest that Riddle began to build their own chassis in 1914, although it is more widely believed that Riddle began to build motor funeral cars and ambulances on their own assembled chassis, powered by six-cylinder engines, in 1916. 

Riddle also built a few double side door, seven-passenger sedans and limousines for eight- and nine-passengers intended for use at funerals. Although a few were sold to private customers, Riddle did not produce a standard passenger car. Riddle production ceased in 1926.


The Riddle motor vehicles carried a nickel plated metal Riddle radiator emblem, see example shown above. This Riddle radiator emblem is scarce.

The following is a Riddle hubcap showing a Riddle hub emblem. Riddle hub emblems are rare.

Riddle hubcap showing Riddle hub emblem (1916-1926)   dkc
Size: 57mm diameter (hub emblem)

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