January 20, 2023

S & M

S & M Motor Co. (1913)
Detroit, Michigan

This is an S & M hub emblem (1913)      mjs
Size: 69mm diameter

The S & M Motor Company was set up in Detroit by Edward Stroebel and Walter Martin from New York. 

The S & M was a big 48 hp six-cylinder assembled motor car built using standard components, including wire wheels. The S & M was announced as a car for the New York market in September 1912 but production did not start until late in 1913 and by January 1914 the company was bankrupt. Total production of the S & M was only 40 cars.


The S & M was a very short lived and very rare motor car. The following S & M advertisement includes a photo of an S & M car, which appears to have an oval shaped radiator emblem:

This is an S & M advertisement (1913)    cartype

Close-up showing S & M radiator emblem (1913)

The S & M advertisement includes an oval shaped S & M logo, which is likely to represent the radiator emblem, although I cannot confirm this, see below:

This may be the S & M radiator emblem design (1913)

The S & M had wire wheels, which displayed an S & M hub emblem, see example shown above at the top of this post.  This S & M hub emblem is extremely rare.

If you have details of an S & M radiator emblem, please let me know, in order to update this post.

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