July 01, 2022


Guilder Engineering Co. (1924-1936)
Poughkeepsie, New York 

This is a Guilder radiator emblem (1924-1936)   mjs
Size: 75mm diameter    MM: Unknown

The Guilder was a development of the Goodwin Truck but became a separate make in 1924 with truck and bus chassis in a range of sizes. By 1927, Guilder truck sizes ranged from 1-1/4-ton to 7-ton capacity and by the 1930's 8-10-ton and 12-16-ton six-wheeler trucks, and bus chassis for 21-, 25- and 30-passengers were also offered. 

Guilder truck production was never high and, after the Great Depression, production declined rapidly from 1930 to 1936 when production ceased.


The Guilder truck carried a blue and white enamel radiator emblem, see example shown above. This Guilder truck radiator emblem is very rare.

The following reversed color Guilder truck radiator emblem is believed to have been incorrectly restored with the wrong colors:

This Guilder truck emblem is believed to be incorrectly restored  ebay

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