February 19, 2022


Diehl Motor Truck Works (1918-1926)
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 

This is a Diehl truck radiator emblem (1918-1926)    mjs
Size: 207mm wide 150mm high   MM: None

The Diehl Motor Truck Works was established by Samuel Ervin Diehl, a beverage bottler, to manufacture trucks, which were used by several bottler companies in the Eastern USA. 

The Diehl was a low-production truck made in Philadelphia in two sizes, a 1-ton truck from 1918 to 1923 and a 1-1/2-ton truck from 1921 to 1926.

Production numbers are unknown but would have been very small.


The Diehl truck carried a painted cast metal radiator emblem, see example shown above. This Diehl radiator emblem is extremely rare.

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