November 28, 2021


Package Car Corp. (1926-1932)
Chicago, Illinois
Stutz Motor Car Co. of America, Inc. (1932-1938)
Indianapolis, Indiana
Pak-Age-Car Corp., Auburn Central Co. (1938-1941)
Connersville, Indiana
Diamond T Motor Car Co. (1939-1941)
Chicago, Illinois

This is a Stutz Pak-Age-Car emblem (c1937)     mjs
Size: 205mm wide 65mm high    MM: None

The first Pak-Age-Car was called the Pac-Kar and was a simple, compact walk-in delivery van. The first vans were box-shaped with a wheel in each corner and the driver drove from a standing position. Production began in 1926 in Chicago. Few were made due to financial difficulties and in 1932 the business was bought by Stutz, who modernized the design and the result was the Stutz Pak-Age-Car. Production was moved to the Stutz plant in Indianapolis.

Then Stutz too had financial problems and filed for bankruptcy in 1937. The rights to the Pak-Age-Car and tooling were sold to the Auburn Central Manufacturing Corporation, who established the new Pak-Age-Car Corporation in 1938. 

Auburn did not have a sales or servicing organisation and, from 1939, sales and servicing of the Pak-Age-Car was handled by Diamond T, while the manufacturing took place in Auburn's Connersville plant in Indiana. However, Auburn was awarded contacts to build Jeep bodies and aircraft wings for the war effort and Pak-Age-Car production was discontinued in March 1941.


There are few original photos of the Pak-Age-Car and even less showing any emblems, so assessing dates is difficult.

I have not seen an emblem for the first Pac-Kar models and I suspect that there were no emblems, as this design was truly basic and cheap. 

The first Stutz Pak-Age-Cars from 1933 also had no emblem but used a "Pak-Age-Car" logo, as shown on the brochure illustration shown below:

This is a Stutz Pak-Age-Car showing the logo (1933) 

This logo and the Stutz logo were displayed on the hub caps on production models, see examples shown below:

This is a Stutz Pak-Age-Car hubcap (1933-1938)    proxibid

This is a Stutz Pak-Age-Car hub emblem (1933-1938)    mjs
Size: 80mm diameter    MM: None

This is a Stutz Pak-Age-Car hub emblem (1933-1938)   mjs
Size: 80mm diameter    MM: None

The red and black painted Stutz Pak-Age-Car emblem shown above at the top of this post appeared in 1937 shortly before the Stutz bankruptcy. The emblem may have been intended to be displayed on the front of the vehicle. Very few, if any, were used and most examples I have seen have been unused emblems. This Stutz Pak-Age-Car emblem is rare.

The new Pak-Age-Car produced  by Auburn in 1938-1939 used the logo shown in the 1939 Pak-Age-Car brochure and publicity photo shown below:

This Pak-Age-Car brochure shows the new logo (1939)

Pak-Age-Car publicity photo showing the new logo (1939)

The following Pak-Age-Car emblem displays the new logo. This Pak-Age-Car emblem is scarce.

This is a Pak-Age-Car emblem (c1938-1939)     mjs
Size: 108mm wide 75mm high    MM: None

From later in 1939 until production ceased in 1941, the Pak-Age-Car carried a Diamond-T emblem on the front of the vehicle, see examples shown below: 

This is a Diamond-T Pak-Age-Car (1939)    ms

This is a Diamond-T Pak-Age-Car hood emblem (1939-1941)  mjs
Size: 200mm wide 116mm high     MM: None

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