November 05, 2021


De Vaux-Hall Motors Corp. (1931-1932)
Continental-De Vaux Co. (1932)
Grand Rapids, Michigan & Oakland, California

This is a De Vaux radiator emblem (1931-1932)    mjs
Size: 45mm high 35mm wide    MM: Fox

Norman De Vaux, a close friend and associate of Billy Durant, and Colonel Elbert J. Hall, who established the Hall-Scott Motor Company, came together in late 1930 to build a new economy car. The new De Vaux was shown at automobile shows in New York and Chicago in early 1931. The De Vaux had an L-head six-cylinder engine designed by Hall and came in a range of four models.

The first cars came off the line in Grand Rapids and Oakland in April 1931. But sales were poor and by January 1932 De Vaux and Hall gave up and in February 1932 Continental Motors Corporation took over. The company was reorganized as the Continental-De Vaux Company and the car was offered as the Continental De Vaux for the remainder of 1932. In November 1932 the company became Continental Automobile Company and the next cars were called Continental (see Continental).


The De Vaux carried a black painted radiator emblem, see unpainted example shown above, and photo shown below. This De Vaux radiator emblem is scarce.

Black painted De Vaux radiator emblem (1932) conceptcarz

The following is a black enamel De Vaux emblem, which was mounted on the tail light/licence plate bracket, This De Vaux emblem is rare.

De Vaux tail light/licence plate bracket emblem (1931-1932) sam
Size: 79mm wide 30mm high   MM: Unknown

The following photo shows the De Vaux hub emblem:

De Vaux hub emblem (1931-1932)    conceptcarz

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