November 05, 2021


Croxton-Keeton Motor Co. (1909-1910)

Massillon, Ohio

This is a Croxton-Keeton radiator emblem (c1910)    sam
Size: 48mm diameter  MM: Unknown

Herbert A. Croxton had built the Jewel motorcar and Forrest M. Keeton had been associated with the Pope-Toledo motor car company. In the late summer of 1909, they formed the Croxton-Keeton Motor Car Company to manufacture two types of motor car; a "German"-type 48 hp four-cylinder car based on the Jewel motor car and a "French"-type 28.9 hp four-cylinder car with a Renault-type hood and dashboard-mounted radiator, a taxicab version of which was also produced.

Neither of these two car-types was built for long. In August 1910, Herbert Croxton put the Croxton-Keeton company into receivership and organized the Croxton Motor Company and production continued but the car was now simply called the Croxton. Forrest Keeton moved to Detroit to build his own car, the Keeton.


The enamelled radiator emblem shown above would have been used on the "German" type Croxton-Keeton most probably for 1910 and is extremely rare. 

There is also a painted metal Croxton-Keeton emblem, as shown below:

This is a Croxton-Keeton emblem (1909-1910)    mjs
Size: 48mm diameter   MM: None

This emblem is also extremely rare and is believed to have been a hub emblem for the "French" type Croxton-Keeton, which did not carry a radiator emblem.

Emblem collectors should beware, as there are reproduction Croxton-Keeton emblems in different colors, see example shown below:

This is a reproduction Croxton-Keeton emblem     khc

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