September 05, 2020


Gramm Motors Inc.
Gramm Motor Truck Corp.
Gramm Truck & Trailer Corp.
Delphos, Ohio (1926-1942)

This is a Gramm radiator emblem (c1931-1942)     mjs
Size: 105mm high 56mm wide   MM: Unknown

Benjamin A. Gramm had designed a number of trucks sold under the name Gramm-Logan between 1908 and 1910 when it was renamed Gramm until 1913 (see Gramm (1)).  Following this Benjamin Gramm designed and built trucks under the names Gramm-Bernstein and Gramm-Kincaid (see Gramm-Kincaid), which became the new Gramm in 1926.

Gramm Motors Inc. was established by Benjamin Gramm and his son Willard J. Gramm, with a manufacturing plant in Delphos, Ohio. Gramm offered a wide range of trucks and buses with four- and six-cylinder engines in sizes from 1-ton to 5-tons. From 1929 only six-cylinder engines were used. 

Gramm had a relationship with John Willys and from 1928 to 1930 built a range of trucks for export use for Willys-Overland using Willys-Knight engines.  Gramm also built its own commercial vehicles for export under the Condor name. In 1934, Gramm offered trucks in the range 1-ton to 5-ton capacity and a 7-1/2-ton model was added in 1936. For 1937 only Gramm offered a Cummins powered diesel truck. By 1939, Gramm began building a new range of trucks using cabs made for the Willys half-ton pick-up but these were not successful. 

From 1942 Gramm dropped truck production to concentrate on trailers and specialist bodywork. The plant was later owned by Fruehauf to make trailers.


Initially, Gramm trucks had flat radiators and carried the radiator emblem shown in the advertisement below:

This is a Gramm ad showing rad emblem (1930)  ccj

This is the painted metal Gramm truck radiator emblem shown below. This Gramm radiator emblem is rare.

This is a Gramm radiator emblem (1926-1930)    sam
Size: 200mm wide 95mm high    MM: Unknown

The following rather poor quality photo appears to show a color variation of the Gramm radiator emblem. This Gramm truck radiator emblem is also rare.

This is a Gramm radiator emblem (1926-1930)    ms
Size:200mm wide 95mm high    MM: Unknown

Gramm truck advertisements in 1931 show the same flat radiator but a different radiator emblem design, see example shown below:

This Gramm truck shows new radiator emblem (1931)   ms

This is the black, blue and white enamel Gramm truck radiator emblem shown above at the top of this post and again below. This Gramm truck radiator emblem is rare.

This is a Gramm truck radiator emblem (c1931-1942)     mjs
Size: 105mm high 56mm wide    MM: Unknown

The Gramm truck radiator was changed to a vee-shaped design from 1934 but the same radiator emblem was continued, see Gramm truck advertisement shown below:

This Gramm truck ad shows new radiator but same emblem (1934)  autopaper

Gramm trucks also displayed the "Gramm" name on hood side nameplates, see black painted Gramm hood side nameplate shown below. This Gramm hood side nameplate is scarce.

This is a Gramm truck hood side nameplate (1926-1939)   mjs
Size: 300mm wide 50mm high      MM: None

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