September 05, 2020


Gramm & Kincaid Motors Inc.
Lima, Ohio (1925)
Delphos, Ohio (1925-1926)

This is a Gramm-Kincaid radiator emblem (1925-1926)   mjs
Size: 220mm wide 95mm high      MM: None

After leaving Gramm-Bernstein (see Gramm-Bernstein), Benjamin A. Gramm set up a new truck manufacturing company in partnership with R. M. Kincaid, who had been vice-president of Garford. 
Gramm-Kincaid trucks were attractive assembled vehicles in the 1-ton to 4-ton range. In 1926 an inter-city coach and a city transit bus were also offered. After Kincaid left in 1926, the company was reorganized as Gramm Motors Inc.and the trucks became Gramm (see Gramm (2)).


Gramm-Kincaid trucks and buses carried a large oval-shaped radiator emblem, see Gramm-Kincaid advertisement shown below:

Gramm-Kincaid bus ad showing rad emblem (1926)  tccj

Close-up showing radiator emblem (1926)

The oval-shaped, pressed metal Gramm-Kincaid radiator emblem shown above at the top of this post includes the word "Pioneers". This refers to the Pioneer Liberty Truck builder status awarded to Gramm-Bernstein in 1917. This Gramm-Kincaid truck radiator emblem is very rare.

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