July 15, 2020


Flanders Motor Co. (1913)
Detroit, Michigan

This is a Flanders Six radiator emblem (1913)     sam
Size: 76mm wide 53mm high   MM: Unknown

Named for Walter Flanders, the Flanders Six was essentially the Everitt that had been produced by the Metzger Motor Car Company (see Everitt). After Walter Flanders had sold his Flanders 20 to Studebaker in 1912 (see Flanders 20), he rejoined his old E-M-F partners again (see E-M-F) and their company became the Flanders Motor Company.

The Flanders Six was a 50 hp model offered in three-passenger roadster and seven-passenger touring styles and was introduced at the New York Automobile Show in January 1913. 

Very few Flanders Six cars were actually produced, because a month after the Automobile Show, Benjamin Briscoe asked Flanders to help him to deal with his United States Motor Company, which was in a mess. In exchange for his services, Flanders requested that Briscoe buy the Flanders Motor Company. Thereafter, Flanders scrapped all Briscoe's small automobile companies, including the Flanders Motor Company, and kept only Maxwell.


The black, white, red and pale blue enamel Flanders Six radiator emblem shown above is very rare.

This Flanders Six radiator emblem is seen in the following original photo taken in 1914:

This is a Flanders Model 50-Six (1914)    aaca forum

There is also a gold plated version of this Flanders Six radiator emblem, see example shown below. This Flanders Six radiator emblem is also very rare.

This is a Flanders Six radiator emblem (1913)     mjs
Size: 76mm wide 53mm high    MM: None

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