March 17, 2022


Marlboro Automobile & Carriage Co. (1900-1903)

Marlboro, Massachusetts

This is a Walker Steamer nameplate (1900-1901)      mjs
Size: 67mm wide 27mm high

Orrin P Walker initially named his steam car the Walker Steamer but several months later he changed the name to Marlboro after the town where it was built.

The Walker Steamer or Marlboro was initially a two-person steam stanhope fitted with a Mason engine and single chain drive. For 1902-1903, the Marlboro was offered in three models, a two-person curved dash carriage, a two-person straight dash carriage and a four-person carriage. The company sold thirty units in the first year and was encouraged to increase production but sales did not match the production. The Marlboro factory was closed in July 1902 and did not reopen before the company ceased trading early in 1903. 


The early Walker Steamers displayed the O P Walker name on a small maker's tag attached to the rear of the vehicle, see example shown above. This Walker Steamer nameplate is very rare.

Later Marlboro vehicles may have displayed a Marlboro maker's serial plate attached to the body of the vehicle but I cannot confirm this. If you have details of a Marlboro nameplate or serial plate, please let me known. in order to update this post.

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