March 17, 2022


Clarke-Carter Automobile Co. (1910-1912)

Cutting Motor Car Co. (1913)

Jackson, Michigan

This is a Cutting radiator emblem (c1910-1912 dates uncertain)  sam
Size: 64mm diameter    MM: Unknown

The Cutting was a four-cylinder automobile produced in a range of model types and body styles. Cutting cars raced at the Indianapolis 500 in 1911 and 1912 and were placed in the top 15 in the first year.

The Cutting was a well designed and well built automobile. But, the company had been under-capitalized from the start and following the reorganization of the company as the Cutting Motor Car Company in 1913 it was all over and the company was sold in October of that year. 


Advertisements for the 1910 Cutting 40 show an oval-shaped "Cutting 40" logo, see example below:

This is a Cutting 40 ad showing the oval-shaped logo (1910)   atj

The following shows a restored 1910 Cutting Model A-40 Tourabout, which displays a blue enamel radiator emblem and a brass radiator script:

Cutting Model A Tourabout (1910)    aa

The following is a close-up black and white photo showing the emblem attached to the radiator with two pins:

Cutting Model A radiator emblem & script (1910)    aa

Emblem collectors should beware, however, because the Cutting radiator emblem shown above was a reproduction emblem made by Harry Pulfer for the restoration of this car and additional copies were made for sale, see example shown below:

This is a reproduction Cutting 40 radiator emblem (1909-1910) ms
Size: 76mm wide 50mm high     

The original Cutting 40 radiator emblem is exactly the same as the reproduction emblem shown above, except that it was in brass with no enamel. This Cutting 40 radiator emblem was used on cars built in 1909 for the 1910 model year. Original brass Cutting radiator emblems would be extremely rare. If you have a clear photo of an original brass Cutting 40 radiator emblem, please let me know, in order to update this post.

The blue and white enamel Cutting radiator emblem, shown above at the top of this post, was made for the Clarke-Carter Automobile Company and is believed to have been first used in late-1910 for the 1911 model year but I cannot confirm this. This Cutting radiator emblem is extremely rare. 

There is also a pale blue and white enamel version of this Cutting radiator emblem in reversed colors, see example below. If this Cutting radiator emblem is original, it would also be extremely rare. 

This is a Cutting radiator emblem (c1910-1912 dates uncertain)    sam
Size: 64mm diameter    MM: Unknown

There also appears to be a red, white and black enamel version of this Cutting radiator emblem, which is seen on a surviving 1911 Cutting on display at Ye Ole Carriage Shop in Spring Arbor, Michigan, see below. I cannot confirm the details of this Cutting radiator emblem or if it is an original emblem. If it is an original emblem, it would be extremely rare.

This is a Cutting showing a radiator emblem (1911)   yocs

Emblem collectors should beware, however, as there are reproduction round Cutting radiator emblems produced in different colors with plain, shiny backs, see red reproduction Cutting emblem shown below:

This is a reproduction Cutting radiator emblem   gcm

Some Cutting models did not carry a radiator emblem. For example, an advertisement, which appeared in late 1911 for the 1912 model year for the Cutting 30 hp torpedo roadster, shows only a radiator script, see below:  

This is a Cutting 30 ad showing a radiator script (1911)   ms

Brass "Cutting" scripts attached to the radiator core may have been used in 1910 and certainly continued in use until 1913, see the following original illustration from the 1913 Cutting Motor Car Company brochure for Models A-40 and B-40:

Cutting Brochure Illustration showing radiator script (1913)  ms

Original Cutting radiator scripts are very rare.

It is interesting to note that the Cutting brochure illustration shown above also does not show a radiator emblem, although a pale blue emblem design appears faintly at the top of the brochure page. This makes me wonder, if the Cutting radiator emblems may have been offered as an optional attachment, but I cannot confirm this.

The following photo shows a surviving Cutting car with a brass "Cutting" script mounted on the front of the radiator tank top but I cannot confirm that this script was originally mounted here. More likely, the script was added later during restoration.

Cutting with script radiator emblem (date unknown)  pwc

Cutting script radiator emblem (date unknown)

The following blue and white enamel Cutting radiator emblem was intended for models built by the Cutting Motor Car Company in the few months of 1913 before the company collapsed and is extremely rare. 

This is a Cutting radiator emblem (1913)     mjs
Size: 64mm diameter    MM: Unknown

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