May 21, 2020


Revere Motor Car Corp. (1918-1922)

Revere Motor Car Co. (1923-1926)

Logansport, Indiana

This is believed to be the first ReVere radiator emblem (1918-1919)    sam
Size: 65mm diameter   MM: Unknown

The Revere, or ReVere as it was initially spelled, was an expensive high-powered, high-performance car using a modified four-cylinder Duesenberg engine. A few pilot ReVere cars appeared in 1918 and one of these was driven around America by Cannonball Baker as a promotional event. Full production began in 1919 with the Model A offered in touring, roadster and Victoria body styles. The King of Spain bought the first Victoria model.

In late December 1920 Revere was petitioned into bankruptcy by some creditors. There followed an investigation into fraud related to stock selling and Revere collapsed.

A new group took over and reorganized as the Revere Motor Company in February 1923 and production resumed. A six-cylinder touring model was added for 1925 but the fraud scandal had so damaged the reputation of Revere that it was all over in 1926. Total production of the Revere was 247 cars.


It appears that the Revere people took some time to decide on a name for their company and their motor car. Initially, the company used the name "Re Vere" in two separate words, see the January 1919 advertisement shown below:

This is a "Re Vere" advertisement from January 1919   ms

The ReVere factory has the single word "ReVere" on the wall, see photo below:

Revere factory showing the word "ReVere" as one word    ms

The names "Re Vere" and "ReVere" appear to have been used to sound special and attract potential buyers and the company made no reference initially to the American patriot, Paul Revere. 

It is believed that the emblem shown above at the top of this post was the first radiator emblem used by the ReVere Motor Car Corporation. This emblem is extremely rare but collectors should take care as there are good quality reproductions of this emblem, see example below:

This is a reproduction Revere radiator emblem    ms 

The ReVere emblem shown below is a hub emblem used on the early ReVere cars. This emblem is rare.

This is an early Revere hub emblem (date unknown)    mjs
 43mm diameter

Paul Revere did eventually become the company logo and appeared on the radiator emblem for motor cars produced by the Revere Motor Car Corporation, although I do not have an exact date for this change in logo. If you know when this change occurred, please let me know, so that this post can be updated.

The Revere radiator emblem shown below was the first emblem to depict Paul Revere. This emblem is very rare.

This is a Revere Motor Car Corporation radiator emblem (c1920-1922)    mjs
Size: 63mm diameter   MM: D L Auld

There are Pulfer reproductions of this emblem but they are so poorly designed that there is little likelihood that they could be mistaken for original emblems, see example below:

This is a reproduction Revere radiator emblem    ms

The following radiator emblem was used when the company became the Revere Motor Car Company in 1923. This emblem is extremely rare.

This is a Revere Motor Car Company radiator emblem (1923-1926)    mjs
Size: 63mm diameter    MM: Unknown

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