May 21, 2020


Allen-Kingston Motor Car Co.

Kingston, New York (1908-1910)

Bristol, Connecticut (1910)

This is believed to be an Allen-Kingston radiator emblem (c1908)     mjs
Size: 68mm high 60mm wide     MM: None

Walter C Allen built some experimental cars called New York in Kingston, New York in 1906 and 1907. By 1908, Walter Allen had established the Allen-Kingston Motor Car Company and began production of the Allen-Kingston, which was also known as the A-K.

The first A-K cars were 40/45 hp four-cylinder models offered in runabout, touring and limosine body styles. The A-K did well in races in 1908, winning the Meadowbrook Sweepstakes in Long Island and the Independence Day Races in Long Beach, New Jersey. A Meadowbrook A-K model was offered in 1909, alongside several other models, including a very small 17 hp town car. A 36 hp A-K Junior model was introduced in 1910. But all was not well and the Allen-Kingston was finished later in 1910.


The Allen-Kingston racer in the original photo from 1908 shown below carried a large brass A-K radiator script and what appears to be an oval-shaped, brass radiator emblem.

This is an Allen-Kingston racer showing a radiator script and emblem (1908)    ms

The oval-shaped emblem shown above at the top of this post was part of the Al Thurn collection and is believed to be an early A-K radiator emblem and, if so, it is extremely rare. The holes are not original.

I have not seen another, original Allen Kingston radiator emblem. If you have details of a different A-K radiator emblem, please let me have a photo in order to update this post.

The A-K emblem shown below is an extremely rare, original Allen Kingston hub emblem:

This is an A-K hub emblem (1908-1910)    sam
Size: 58mm diameter   MM: Unknown (probably none)

There are well made reproduction Allen-Kingston oval radiator and round hub emblems. These reproduction emblems are usually finished in red and white enamel and have no maker's mark, see example below.

This is a reproduction Allen-Kingston emblem    ms

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