March 22, 2020


Moon Motor Car Co. (1929-1930)

St. Louis, Missouri

This is the first Windsor radiator emblem (1929)     mjs
Size: 59mm high 50mm wide    MM: Unknown (poss D L Auld)

The Moon Motor Car Company (see Moon) was already in trouble when in January 1929 it introduced a new car to be called the White Prince of Windsor with pictures of HRH the Prince of Wales and the fleur-de-lis included in the advertising. When Buckingham Palace in London objected to this, Moon changed the name to Windsor but kept the fleur-de-lis on the radiator emblem. This was also objected to and was replaced by the end of 1929 with a new fictitious crest on the emblem.

The Windsor was a smart looking automobile and Moon used "America's Smartest Motor Car"as their slogan. The Windsor was available in a variety of body styles powered either by an 88 hp straight-eight cylinder engine or a 66 hp six-cylinder engine. From April 1929 the Moon Motor Car Company built only the Windsor, production of which was discontinued in 1930, following a disastrous deal with New Era Motors, Inc. to build the Ruxton (see Ruxton).


The black, white, blue and gold enamel Windsor radiator emblem shown above is is rare. 

The Windsor radiator emblem shown below is also rare and has the same design as the Windsor emblem shown above at the top of this post but has red colored jewels in place of gold jewels on the crown. Both emblems are original and unrestored. It is possible that these radiator emblems were used on different Windsor models but I cannot confirm this.

This is a variety of the Windsor radiator emblem with red jewels (1929)    mjs
Size: 59mm high 50mm wide   MM: Unknown (poss D L Auld)

Following objections from the British Royal household, the Windsor radiator emblem was changed to the black, white and green enamel emblem shown below. This Windsor radiator emblem is scarce.

This is the final version of the Windsor radiator emblem (1929-1930)     mjs
Size: 59mm high 50mm wide    MM: Unknown (poss D L Auld)

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