March 24, 2020


Loomis Autocar Co. (1900-1904)

Westfield, Massachusetts

This is a Loomis Autocar nameplate (c1903-04)    mjs

In 1900 the Loomis Autocar Company was incorporated by Gilbert J. Loomis for the manufacture of air-cooled gasoline cars powered by 5 hp two-cylinder engines and offered in a variety of models differentiated by the width of their wheel tracks. Loomis also produced light vans as well as passenger cars.

The Loomis Autocar Company was sold in 1904. Thereafter, Gilbert Loomis offered his services as engineer to other automobile manufacturers, including Pope-Tribune and Speedwell (see Speedwell).


The Loomis Autocar did not carry an emblem but did have a nameplate, see example above. This nameplate is curved and may have been attached to the tiller or steering wheel column. This Loomis nameplate is very rare.

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