November 17, 2023


Waltham Automobile Co. (1899-1902)

Waltham, Massachusetts

This is a Walthan Steamer nameplate (c1900)    alt
Size: Unknown

John W. Piper and George M. Tinker worked for Charles Heman Metz, making Orient bicycles at the Waltham Manufacturing Company, but were allowed to build their own 3 hp steam driven buggy, which was displayed at the Boston Automobile Show in 1898. They built two more steamers called Piper & Tinker and an electric car called Orient Electric, which was displayed at Madison Square Garden in 1899.

Piper and Tinker then left Metz and established the Waltham Automobile Company to sell their stanhope steamer. There are no details available regarding production numbers but these are likely to have been small, as the enterprise was finished in 1902.


The Waltham Steamer did not display an emblem but carried a small maker's nameplate, see example above at the top of this post. This Waltham Steamer nameplate is extremely rare.

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