November 17, 2023


Roy M. Meisenhelder Sheet Metal Auto Work (1919-1924)

York, Pennsylvania

This is a Meisenhelder radiator emblem (1919)    ms
Size: Unknown  MM: Unknown

Roy M. Meisenhelder had a sheet metal and auto repair business in York, Pennsylvania but his hobby was customizing automobiles. He never built a complete automobile but when he had finished customizing a car, it was not at all easy to tell what the original car had been. 

The first Meisenhelder creation was made in 1919 and three more Meisenhelder cars were produced in 1924. It is possible that other Meisenhelder cars followed. The 1919 Meisenhelder is extant and was shown at the AACA Fall Meet at Hershey in 2008.


The Meisenhelder radiator emblem shown above was mounted on the radiator of the 1919 Meisenhelder, see photo shown below, and may be unique:

Meisenhelder displaying radiator emblem (1919)  ms

The Meisenhelder hub cap shown below is very rare.

This is a Meisenhelder hub cap (1919)    ms

The Meisenhelder name was also displayed on the serial plate, see unused plate shown below. This Meisenhelder serial plate is rare.

Meisenhelder serial plate (c1919)   mjs
Size: 70mm wide 35mm high

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