August 13, 2020


Six-Wheel Co. (1924-1928)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This is a Safeway Six-Wheel radiator emblem (1924-1928)     sam
Size: 115mm wide 60mm high    MM: Unknown

Charles M. Schwab and other investors had formed the American Motor Body Corporation in 1923 and in April 1924 they received a license from the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company to build six-wheel chassis for buses and trucks.

Since 1920, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company had themselves been producing trucks and buses in Akron, Ohio as part of a program of research aimed at proving the value of pneumatic tires compared to solid tires for heavy truck operations. The Goodyear engineer, Ellis W. Templin played a major role in successfully developing the six-wheel chassis to reduce tire sizes by spreading the load.

Ellis Templin joined Charles Schwab and his partners when they established the Six-Wheel Company in July 1924 to manufacture six-wheel buses and trucks. Three models of the six-wheel chassis were offered, Model 57 truck chassis, Model 64 single-deck bus chassis and Model 66 double-deck bus chassis. All Six-Wheel chassis were powered by 109 hp six-cylinder Continental Red Seal engines.

The Six-Wheel chassis and completed buses were initially marketed as Six-Wheel but by 1925 the name "Safeway" had been adopted and the products were then advertised as Safeway Six-Wheel buses or trucks.

Safeway Six-Wheel buses were adopted in New York, Cleveland, Detroit and Kansas City. About 400 buses were built before production ceased in 1928. A few Safeway Six-Wheel trucks were also built but were mostly sold overseas.


The black, white and yellow enamel Safeway radiator emblem shown above was soldered to the radiator and is extremely rare.

The following black, white and yellow enamel Safeway radiator emblem has two holes for fixing to the radiator with screws. This Safeway radiator emblem is also extremely rare.

This is a Safeway radiator emblem (1924-1928)    mjs
Size: 115mm wide 59mm high    MM: None

I do not know if there was a Six-Wheel emblem in use before the Safeway name was adopted. If you have any information about a Six-Wheel emblem, please let me know, in order to update this post.

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