August 12, 2020


Dile Motor Car Co. (1914-1917)

Reading, Pennsylvania

This is a Dile radiator script (1914-1917)    bmhv

The Dile was named after Fred K Dick and Irvin D Lenger by taking the first two letters of their last names. 

The Dile was a small 11 hp four-cylinder, two-passenger sport roadster available in 1914 at less than $500. However, all was not well and the Dile Motor Car Company declared bankruptcy in mid-1916. Problems arising from material shortages were cited as reasons for the difficulties suffered by Dile. It was all over for the Dile by 1917.


The Dile did not have a radiator emblem but did carry a brass Dile script attached to the radiator core, as shown above at the top of this post. 

The Dile name also appeared on the hub caps, see example below:

This is a Dile hub cap (1914-1917)    bmhv

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