December 29, 2021


Jones-Corbin Co. (1903)

Jones-Corbin Automobile Co. (1904-1907)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This is a Jones-Corbin nameplate (1903)      sam
Size: 82mm wide 22mm high

The Jones-Corbin Model A of 1903 was an 8 hp single-cylinder two-passenger runabout using a French De Dion engine and a Mercedes "cooling device".  The Jones-Corbin Company was soon in trouble and declared bankruptcy in late 1903. 

The company was reorganized as the Jones-Corbin Automobile Company and a 14 hp two-cylinder Model B was introduced in 1904 alongside the Model A. The Jones-Corbin became a 45 hp four-cylinder Model L in 1906 but the price rose dramatically, sales fell and the company was finished by 1907.


The early Jones-Corbin cars did not carry an emblem, see example shown below:

Jones-Corbin ad showing no emblem (c1904)  ebay

However, the Jones-Corbin name was displayed on a small maker's nameplate, see the extremely rare example shown above at the top of this post.

It is not known, if a Jones-Corbin emblem was used for the later Model L automobile. If you have details of such an emblem, please let me know in order to update this post.

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