January 10, 2022


Prescott Automobile Manufacturing Co. (1901-1905)

Passaic, New Jersey

This is a Prescott maker's nameplate (1903)     ms
Size: 87mm wide 25mm high

The Prescott was a modestly priced steam runabout with a 7-1/2 hp two-cylinder compound engine.  The Prescott performed well in the 1902 Long Island and Automobile Club of America 100-mile endurance tests and was awarded a perfect score gold medal in the New York to Boston Reliability Run in 1903. The Prescott was offered in a wide range of body styles from 1903.

The Prescott seemed to be doing well and continued to achieve good publicity in competition events but disaster struck, when a company representative ran off with most of the company funds in 1905, and the company was finished.


The Prescott did not have an emblem but did display the company name on a brass maker's nameplate attached to the rear of the car, see example shown above. This Prescott maker's nameplate is very rare.

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