September 03, 2019


Schacht Manufacturing Co. (1904-1909)

Schacht Motor Car Co. (1909-1913)

G A Schacht Motor Truck Co. (1913-1927)

LeBlond-Schacht Truck Co. (1927-1940)

Cincinnati, Ohio

This is a Schacht passenger car radiator emblem (c1911-1913)     sam
Size: 57mm diameter    MM: Unknown

The Schacht Manufacturing Company was a well established buggy builder when in 1904 it produced a 10 hp two-cylinder runabout. In 1905 a 30 hp four-cylinder was added to the line. A two-cylinder high wheel runabout was offered in 1907 and high wheelers only were offered from 1908 to 1910. The Schacht company slogan was the "Invincible Schacht". The company was renamed as the Schacht Motor Car Company in 1909 and a line of more conventional four-cylinder cars was offered from 1910 together with a range of trucks until 1913 when passenger car production ceased.

The company was reorganized as the G A Schacht Motor Truck Company in 1913 to concentrate on the manufacture of commercial vehicles only. Early Schacht trucks were conventional machines from 1/2-ton to 4-ton capacity and by 1922 the range ran from 2-ton to 7-ton capacity. In 1926 Schacht introduced the Super Safety Coach powered by a 49 hp six-cylinder engine. Schacht ran into financial difficulties and found financial support from LeBlond in 1927 when the company was reorganized as LeBlond-Schacht Truck Company. The trucks continued to carry a Schacht radiator emblem.

A period of expansion followed. In 1928 the company bought the Armleder Truck Company. Even so, truck production remained modest with about 360 units sold in 1930. The truck range in the early 1930's went from 1-1/2-ton to 10-ton capacity. A new small lightweight, fast truck was introduced in 1930 that became popular as a chassis for fire engines, particularly for Ahrens-Fox. In 1936 the company acquired Ahrens-Fox and in 1938 LeBlond-Schacht withdrew from the truck market to specialize in fire apparatus. Ahrens-Fox and Schacht fire apparatus continued to be built until 1940.


The earliest Schacht runabouts and touring models did not carry a radiator emblem or a radiator script but did display the Schacht name on a small brass maker's nameplate attached to the side of the vehicle, see example below. This Schacht maker's nameplate is very rare.

This is a Schacht maker's nameplate (c1904)      mjs
Size: 87mm wide 37mm high

Some surviving Schacht high wheelers have an oval shaped wooden plaque mounted on the sides of the body near the back of the vehicle. It appears that the "Schacht" name was painted on these plaques, probably from 1905, see examples shown below:

Schacht runabout with body side plaque (1905)  pinterest

Restored Schacht name-plaque (1907)    lbilimited

The Schacht name was also displayed on the hubcaps, see the example shown below seen on a surviving 1907 Schacht runabout:

This is a Schacht hubcap (1907)    ms

A brass "Schacht" script was displayed on the radiator core of Schacht vehicles certainly by 1909 but probably by about 1907, although I cannot confirm this date., see surviving 1909 example shown below: 

Schacht Model K runabout with radiator script (1909)  pinterest

The following is an original brass Schacht script marked "Cincinnati Ohio". Original Schacht radiator scripts are rare.

This is a Schacht radiator script (c1908)     mjs
Size: 196mm wide

Schacht passenger cars carried a red, white and orange enamel radiator emblem from about 1911 or 1912 until passenger car production ceased in 1913, see example shown above at the top of this post. This Schacht passenger car radiator emblem is extremely rare. I cannot confirm the exact start date for this radiator emblem but surviving Schacht cars from 1910 do not appear to have had a radiator emblem.

Schacht trucks continued to use the Schacht radiator script but by the early 1920's and possibly earlier, Schacht  trucks displayed the "Schacht" name embossed into the radiator tank top, see 1922 Schacht truck advertisement shown below:

This is a Schacht truck advertisement (1922)      ms

Detail showing Schacht name on radiator tank top    ms

The following photo shows the embossed "Schacht" name on the radiator tank top of a Schacht truck from the late 1920's:

This shows the Schacht name embossed into the radiator tank top (c1927)    aacaf

From about 1930. LeBlond-Schacht trucks carried a new red, white and blue enamel radiator emblem, see example below. This Schacht truck radiator emblem is scarce and is often, incorrectly, believed to be a Schacht passenger car radiator emblem.

This is a Schacht truck radiator emblem (c1930-1940)     mjs
Size: 107mm wide 73mm high    MM: Mayer

This Schacht truck emblem appears on the following 1937 advertisement for the Schacht Series 25-A truck:

This is a Schacht Series 25-A truck advertisement (1937)   ms

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