October 30, 2020


Midland Motor Car & Truck Co. (1918-1919)

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

This is a Midland truck radiator emblem (1919)     mjs
Size: 65mm wide 44mm high    MM: Cady & Staff

In June 1917 a group of Oklahoma City businessmen, headed by James M Aydelotte of the State Board of Affairs, and Floyd Thompson of the Ozark Trails Highway Association, formed the Midland Motor Car & Truck Company. 

It was planned to raise finance to construct a manufacturing plant and produce the Oklahoma Six passenger car and a truck called the Ozark. These plans were interrupted when America entered the First World War. The plant was finally constructed in 1918, and in October 1918 the company began to build trucks for the US Army. After the end of the War the company was reorganised following financial mismanagement and fraud by two of its stock salesmen. The US Army contract was cancelled and the Midland Motor Car & Truck Company was finished in 1919.

There is no evidence that any automobiles were ever produced by the Midland Motor Car & Truck Company. The only vehicle recorded as having been produced by the Company was the Midland truck, which was a 2-1/2-tonner with solid rubber tires on cast steel spoke wheels. Very few Midland trucks were built.


The blue and white enamel Midland truck radiator emblem shown above is extremely rare.

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