October 30, 2020


Touraine Co. (1912-1915)

Vim Motor Truck Co. (1916)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This is a Touraine radiator emblem (c1914)     ms
Size: Unknown    MM: Unknown

The Touraine of 1912 was a 35/40 hp six-cylinder model offered as a five-passenger touring or a two-passenger runabout and had previously been marketed as the Nance. The range of Touraine body styles increased over the next  three years with engine sizes up to 50 hp.

The company built its first truck, called Vim, in 1913. In 1915, the company decided to concentrate solely on commercial vehicles and its name was changed to Vim Motor Truck Company. Touraine passenger cars for 1916 were assembled from parts on hand.


The light and dark blue enamel Touraine radiator emblem shown above is extremely rare.

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