October 16, 2022


Lorraine Motors Corp. (1920-1922)

Grand Rapids, Michigan

This is a Lorraine radiator emblem (1920-1922)     mjs
Size: 60mm high 51mm wide     MM: None

The Lorraine was a 35 hp four-cylinder assembled car offered in four body styles and began production in 1920 but did not do well. A new organisation took over in June 1921 led by David Dunbar Buick, who had left the Buick company. A new, lower-priced Lorraine was planned and was to have a valve-in-head engine designed by David Buick but only a single prototype was built.

The Lorraine business was stopped in 1922 after a total production of only about 200 cars.


The red, white, blue and black enamel, shield-shaped Lorraine radiator emblem shown above is very rare.

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