October 16, 2022


Bauer Taxicab Manufacturing Co. (1925-1927)

Chicago, Illinois

This is a Bauer taxicab radiator emblem (1925-1927)     mjs
Size: 63mm diameter    MM: Greenduck

The four-cylinder Bauer taxicab appeared in 1925. The Bauer had rigid body construction and an unusual arrangement for the passenger doors. The only passenger door that could be opened from the inside was mounted in the front of the body next to the driver, possibly to prevent passengers from jumping out without paying their fare. 

The Bauer was produced for two years only.


The red and white enamel Bauer taxicab radiator emblem shown above is rare.

The Bauer emblem shown below is a Bauer taxi driver's hat badge:

This is a Bauer Cab Driver's Hat Badge    sam

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