September 20, 2022


Curtis Motor Car Co. (1920-1921)

Little Rock, Arkansas

This is a Curtis radiator emblem (1920-1921)     mjs
Size: 45mm high 45mm wide    MM: Unknown

The Curtis Motor Car Company was established in 1919 and began to assemble the Curtis motor car in temporary premises in Little Rock, Arkansas in early 1920, while still selling stock to enable the building of a permanent factory. 

The Curtis was an assembled car offered in two models using four-cylinder Herschell-Spillman or six-cylinder Continental engines but no further details are available.

It is estimated that only 46 or 53 units were built, possibly by another company, before the Curtis Motor Car Company went into receivership in April 1921.


The following photo of a Curtis motor car appeared in a newspaper article in early 1920 and shows a diamond shaped radiator emblem:

Curtis motor car showing radiator emblem (1920) arkansas democrat

This is the red, white and blue enamel Curtis radiator emblem shown above at the top of this post. This Curtis radiator emblem is extremely rare.

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