July 30, 2020


C H Will Motors Corp. (1927-1930)

Minneapolis, Minnesota

This is a WMC bus radiator emblem (c1927-1929)    mjs
Size: 100mm wide 45mm high    MM: Fox

The H E Wilcox Motor Car Company was bought by the Greyhound group of bus companies in America in 1927 to manufacture buses most of which were produced for Greyhound companies. The company was reorganized as the C H Will Motors Corporation, named after its general manager, Carl H Will.

The buses were known initially as W.M.C. and later as Will buses. By 1930 Greyhound and Yellow Coach (see Yellow Coach/GM Coach) had made a manufacturing agreement and Will bus production was stopped after a total production of about 500 buses.


The W.M.C. buses carried a diamond shaped radiator emblem, see original period photo shown below:

This is a W.M.C. bus showing radiator emblem (c1928)  ms

Close up showing the W.M.C. radiator emblem

This is the maroon and white enamel WMC radiator emblems shown above at the top of this post. This W.M.C. radiator emblem is extremely rare.

The larger, light and dark blue and red enamel variation of the W.M.C. radiator emblem shown below is also extremely rare.

This is a W.M.C. bus radiator emblem (c1927-1929)     sam
Size: 255mm wide 53mm high    MM: Unknown

There was a major change in the design of the radiator emblem when the buses were renamed Will. The Will bus radiator emblem shown below is very rare.

This is a Will bus radiator emblem (c1930)    mjs
Size: 75mm high 62mm wide   MM: Robbins

I do not know the exact dates of use of these emblems. If you have any further details, please let me know in order to update this post.

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