January 04, 2019


Beggs Motor Car Co. (1919-1923)

Kansas City, Missouri

This is a Beggs Six radiator emblem (1920-1923)     mjs
Size: 83mm wide 36mm high    MM: Bastian 

Beggs was a manufacturer of horsedrawn vehicles with a speciality for elaborately carved circus wagons. The Beggs Motor Car Company was set up in 1919 and production began in 1920. The Beggs Six was a 56 hp six-cylinder car and was offered in touring and roadster body styles. Other body styles were available from 1921.

Production of Beggs cars was slow and the Company ceased operations in 1923 after making 225 cars, the last 74 of which were made in 1922 and 1923 for export only.


The attractive red, white and green enamel Beggs Six radiator emblem shown above is sought after by collectors and is very rare.

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