August 06, 2023


Detroit Air Cooled Car Co.

Detroit, Michigan (1922-1923)

Wayne, Michigan (1923)

This is a D.A.C. radiator emblem (1922-1923)    mjs
Size: 64mm diameter    MM: Unknown

The Detroit Air Cooled Car Company was supported by several prominent businessmen and was well financed. The first prototype 32 hp twin-three cylinder D.A.C. touring car was shown at the Detroit Automobile Show in February 1922 and later that year a D.A.C. sedan model was displayed in New York and Chicago.

A manufacturing plant in Detroit was not found until October 1922 and full production did not commence until the company moved to Wayne early in 1923. But, production did not last long and it was all over for the D.A.C. later in 1923.

Total production of the D.A.C. was about 176 cars.


The D.A.C. carried a large round radiator emblem, see original 1922 photo shown below: 

D.A.C. touring car showing radiator emblem (1922)    flp

The detail of the radiator emblem cannot be seen from this original photo but it is the white and blue enamel D.A.C. radiator emblem shown above at t he top of this post. This D.A.C. radiator emblem is extremely rare.

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