October 19, 2018


Chester County Motor Co. (1913-1916)

Coatesville, Pennsylvania

Brinton Motor Truck Co. (1917-1924)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

This is a Brinton radiator emblem (c1917-1924)     sam
Size: 66mm wide 45mm high    MM: Unknown

The prototype Brinton truck was a 3/4-ton capacity truck and had a tapered hood but the first production model was a conventional four-cylinder 2-ton capacity truck. Subsequent models included 1-ton, 1-1/2-ton and 2-1/2-ton capacity trucks. Total lifetime production of the Brinton was only 287 trucks.


I have not seen an emblem for the Brinton truck produced by the Chester County Motor Company. If you have details of any such emblem, please let me know, in order to update this post.

The red, white and blue enamel radiator emblem shown above was used by the Brinton Motor Truck Company and is very rare.

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