October 19, 2018


Apple Motor Car Co. (1915-1917)

Dayton, Ohio

This is an Apple radiator emblem (c1915-1917)     mjs
Size: 40mm diameter    MM: Unknown

The Apple was a five-seater touring car powered by a 44hp eight-cylinder engine and was introduced at an automobile show in Dayton, Ohio in October 1915.  Production numbers for the Apple are not available but must have been very low, because the final reference to the Apple Motor Car Company was in January 1917.


The Apple emblem shown above is metal only and is extremely rare. It is believed to be a radiator emblem and may also have been used on the hub caps but this is not confirmed. The enameled version of the Apple radiator emblem shown below is also extremely rare.

This is an Apple radiator emblem (c1915-1917)    sam
Size: 40mm  MM: Unknown

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