March 31, 2021


United States Carriage Co. (1910-1915)

Columbus, Ohio

This is a Great Eagle radiator emblem (dates of use unknown)    jab
Size: 90mm wide 40mm high    MM: Whitehead & Hoag

The first Great Eagles offered in 1910 and 1911 were seven-passenger automobiles in limousine and landaulet body styles powered by 40 hp four-cylinder engines. Six-cylinder models were added to the line in 1912 and engine sizes grew to 60 hp by 1913.

All Great Eagles were large vehicles but the largest of all were ten-passenger limousines offered in 1913. Many of the Great Eagles were hearses but production also included taxi cabs and ambulances.

How many Great Eagles were actually built is not known but it was all over by February 1915.


The Great Eagle radiator emblem shown above is very rare. I do not know the dates of use of this emblem.

If you have further details of this or any other Great Eagle emblems, please let me know in order to up date this post.

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