March 31, 2021


Allied Cab Manufacturing Co. (1933)

Elkhart, Indiana

This is a Prosperity taxi cab emblem (1933)   alt
Size: 50mm diameter  MM: Unknown

The Prosperity taxi cab was advertised as "The Cab of the Future" by the Allied Cab Manufacturing Company and was aimed at the taxi cab market in New York City. Production began in the former Elcar plant in Indiana in 1933 but the venture did not survive the effects of the Great Depression. Only 12 taxi cabs were built.


The black and red painted Prosperity emblem shown above is extremely rare. The photo is from the Al Thurn emblem photo collection and may be the same emblem as that shown on the Eaton Manufacturing Company wall chart published in 1951. 

This Prosperity emblem was used as the hub cap emblem, see example below:

This is a Prosperity hub emblem (1933)   dkc

The same emblem may have been used as a radiator emblem but I cannot confirm this.

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