April 01, 2018


Lion Motor Car Co. (1910-1912)

Adrian, Michigan

This is a Lion radiator emblem (1910-1912)      khec
Size: 64mm diameter      MM: Greenduck

The Lion Motor Car Company was established in late 1909 and the Lion appeared for the 1910 model year. The Lion was a medium priced 40 hp four-cylinder automobile and was initially available as a runabout or as a touring car. The Lion was a successful car and further body styles were offered in 1911.

Unfortunately, the Lion plant was burned down in a major fire in June 1912 and over 150 cars were destroyed, including the prototype Lion Thirty being prepared for 1913. It was all over for the Lion and the remaining assets were sold in December 1912.

Total production figures for the Lion are unknown.


The enamel Lion Forty radiator emblem shown above at the top of this post is extremely rare.

There is a version of the Lion Forty radiator emblem without enamel, see example below, but I do not know why this emblem was used. This Lion emblem is also extremely rare.

This is a Lion Forty radiator emblem (1910-1912)     sam
Size: 64mm diameter       MM: Unknown

Beware, there is a Pulfer reproduction of the Lion Forty radiator emblem, see example below, but it is a crude copy, which lacks detail in depth and has a flat back with no maker's mark.

This is a reproduction Lion Forty emblem    ms

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