April 01, 2018


Kessler Motor Co. (1920-1921)

Detroit, Michigan

This is a Kessler radiator emblem (1920-1921)     mjs
Size: 119mm wide 32mm high     MM: Unknown

Martin C. Kessler had worked for the Chalmers Motor Company and had designed his first automobile engine in 1907. He then worked as a consultant for other motor manufacturing companies before setting up the Kessler Motor Company in 1917 for the manufacture of aircraft engines for the military during the First World War. 

The first Kessler automobile was introduced at the Detroit Automobile Show in February 1920. The Kessler chassis was made of standard components but was powered by a supercharged 70 hp four-cylinder engine designed by Kessler. Production of the Kessler Super-Charge Four began late in 1920 with only 16 cars built in 1921.

In September 1921 a new company, Kess-Line Motors, was set up to manufacture a new car called the Kess-Line Eight, which was powered by a supercharged overhead cam 100 hp straight eight engine. The Kess-Line engine was later reworked and fitted into the Balboa (see Balboa).


The Kessler radiator emblem shown above is extremely rare.

Beware as there are reproductions of this emblem in green and white enamel and possibly other colors.

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