September 12, 2022


Carroll Automobile Co. (1921-1922)

Lorain, Ohio

This is a Carroll Six radiator emblem (1921-1922)     mjs
Size: 44mm diameter     MM: Unknown

The 66 hp Carroll Six was offered as a two-passenger roadster or a five-passenger touring and had a radiator recessed behind the front axle, giving the car a distinctive appearance. Both body styles were delivered fully equipped with a long list of valuable accessories at no additional cost. But after a year and the production of only 183 units the Carroll Six was finished.

The only surviving Carroll Six car is on display at the Swigart Auto Museum near Huntington, Pennsylvania.


The metal Carroll Six radiator emblem shown above is extremely rare.

Two versions of the Carroll six hub emblem are known, see examples below. Original Carroll Six hub emblems are also extremely rare.

This is a Carroll Six hub emblem (c1922)     dkc

This is a Carroll Six hub emblem (1921)      sam

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