September 12, 2022


Ajax Motors Co. (1925-1926)

Racine, Wisconsin

This is an Ajax Six radiator emblem (1925-1926)     mjs
Size: 62mm high 52mm wide   MM: None

The parent company for the Ajax Motors Company was Nash Motors (see Nash). The Ajax was a six-cylinder 40 hp automobile offered in touring and sedan body styles. It was well received when it appeared in 1925 and it sold well in its first year, over 22,000 units. But the sales figures did not satisfy Nash, so later in 1926 the Ajax was renamed the Nash Light Six. New emblems and hub caps were produced to change unsold Ajax cars to Nash cars.


The Ajax Six radiator emblem shown above is relatively easy to find but is becoming scarce. 

The Ajax emblem shown below is sometimes wrongly identified as a different Ajax make but is in fact the Ajax Six spare wheel bracket emblem, where this was fitted, and is scarce. The holes are original.

This is an Ajax Six hub emblem (1925-1926)    mjs
Size: 57mm diameter  MM: None

The following is an Ajax hub cap showing the "AJAX" name:

This is an Ajax hub cap (1925-1926)     dkc

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